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Drive our KAR

Apply Now to become a, “KAR DRIVER” Driver

Driver Requirements

Must have 5 Years Driving Experience
Have a current/Valid Drivers License
Use a car no older than 15 Years
Pass our Vehicle Inspection
Prove current Insurance on Vehicle you will be driving
Prove Registration on Vehicle
Agree to Background Check
Agree to our Terms as a Driver
Agree and have installed one HUM device (Verizon device for checking vehicle problems, driver habits and tracking)

1.As a Karaoke Driver you are offering to provide service to customers that we originate that desire to be transported from appointed pickup point to one or more destinations. You also agree that any extended rides or additional passenger transports will be booked through our service. No moonlighting from our efforts to gather this customer or referrals.
2. You agree to our DRESS CODE at all times.
3. You agree to keep a clean Vehicle both Inside and Out.
4. You agree to a NON-Compete Agreement for 5 Years.

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